5. Discussion and Conclusion

5.1 Key findings

         We found out that to make the car move we needed friction, at the same time to make the car move further, we also needed very little friction. We found out that friction can be good for the mousetrap car during the power stroke, but at the same time, it slows down the car, making friction disadvantageous.

5.2 Comparisons with other designs based on research
                  From the comparisons made with other designs, our design was not the best and neither was it the worst. Our car was cheaper to make than other designs but still functioned the same. Though our car was not up to match with other cars aesthetically. When compared with other cars, ours looked to be extremely unstable and fragile.

5.3 Evaluation of engineering goals
                 We manage to constantly improve our car through trial and error, we also analyze what was the problem with the car and then modified it to solve the problem. While building the car, we also when through many samples and see what were the things that make the car move and what common factors they have in common
5.4 Areas for improvement 
                   There were still many things that we can improve on. For example, we could have made the car more sleek to reduce the air resistance acting against it. Or we could have made the space between the axle and the holder have lesser friction to allow it to spin more before stopping, thus cover more distance.

5.5 Practical Applications
                    We can use this in future for designing cars. We also learnt more about friction, knowing when and where to apply it, which we can use to overcome many daily-life problems.

5.6 Areas for further study

We can further study on how changing the spring would affect how fast and far the car goes, also we can study up in more detail about how to get the greatest mechanical advantage, the transfer of energy from the spring to the wheels.

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